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Save Money with Eliquo's Training Passports

Pre-purchase Training Days - Save up to 75%

Eliquo’s Training Passports are designed to greatly reduce training budgets, simplify and reduce administration tasks by about 90% and make it possible to provide all the training your staff needs, not just what your budgets allow.

Finally, The Best of Both Learning Formats

Eliquo’s Training Passport blends on-demand course videos with Eliquo’s professional live instructor-led training courses to provide our clients with the industry’s most effective and comprehensive learning platform on the market.

Live Courses

Training Passport include access to live, web-based and instructor-led courses. Learners experience a fully-engaged class, provided lesson materials, 2-way audio/video with the instructor and discussions with other participants.

Eliquo’s Videos on Demand (EVoD)

Training Passports also include Eliquo’s Video on Demand (EVoD) library. EVoD helps anyone learn creative and business technology skills through our library of over 300 professional courses allowing the learning to fit into their schedules and at their pace.

Pricing-Flat Rate for 12 Months

Users 15 25 50 75 100
Cost $5,000 $6,500 $10,000 $12,500 $15,000
On-Demand Training 3 5 5 10 10
Cost per User/Year $333 $260 $200 $167 $150

Training Delivery Features

Live Courses


  • Access to over 140 live instructor-led courses
  • Participants have voice and video interaction at all times with the instructor and other participants
  • Participants are provided with all course reference materials
  • Q & A support provided through EliQ&A
  • Web-based delivery provides excellent instruction with significant financial benefits
  • Learners can attend courses from the location of their choice (home, office, on the road etc.)


  • Employees can now afford to take more courses than previous so they can attend the courses they need as opposed to only the courses they can afford
  • Travel within the city or out of town is eliminated
  • Training spending is significantly reduced. Eliquo clients see cost reductions of at least 50% but often higher than 75%
  • Administrative tasks and time commitments are reduced by as much as 90%
  • Professional instruction by industry experts helps learners absorb more information
  • Eliquo’s Videos on Demand (EVoD)


  • 450+ professional courses allowing learners to fit training into their schedules
  • Streaming or Download, learners access their courses any time they want, online or offline
  • Supplied project files allow you to follow along to reinforce how it’s done.
  • Use the player features to set your own pace, bookmark a lesson, track your progress and more
  • Subscribers get access to ALL new content at no additional charge.
  • Course quality is delivered by our over 22 years of experience in the design training industry
  • Mobile access to your account and take a course on your mobile device for true anytime learning


  • Eliquo’s VoD library allows employees to upskill and reskill when and as needed and at their pace
  • Revisiting the course content is simple and convenient
  • Employee retention: Employees respect their employers more when they are provided with the tools and opportunities to grow professionally
  • Faster onboarding of new hires: Time to get new hires ramped up and productive can be reduced from months to weeks
  • Training is accessible through various platforms

Let the Savings Begin

Contact Eliquo to get your team started with an Eliquo Training Passport.

Craig Boassaly
1-888-484-2933 ext. 202

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