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Creating Accessible Captivate eLearning Projects  (ADCA301)

Time: 9am - 4pm
Duration: 1 day


In this course you will learn how to: Enable accessibility features for your Captivate project; Add accessible descriptions to objects; Add accessible audio features; Enable keyboard-accessible content; Create accessible quizzes; Identify and include additional accessibility requirements; Publish Captivate projects and text for accessibility.


EQEL203—Development and Production of eLearning Projects, ADCA102—Adobe Captivate and EWAW101—WCAG 2.1: Understanding the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines or equivalents are mandatory.

This course is currently available in another city, on demand or for private classes only. Call us at 888.484.2933 to learn more about our flexible scheduling options or complete our Information Request Form and we will contact you to arrange a class date that is suitable to your availability.

Course Outline

  • Overview of Adobe Captivate and Accessibility
    • Understanding the accessibility of the Adobe Captivate authoring tool
    • Understanding the accessibility of Adobe Captivate projects and simulations
    • Working with assistive technologies
    • Desinging with accessibility in mind
  • Enabling accessibility for your Captivate project
    • Updating Captivate settings
    • Publishing to supported formats
  • Adding accessible descriptions
    • Adding descriptions to your Captivate movie
    • Adding descriptions to slides
    • Adding descriptions to objects
  • Working with accessible audio in captivate
    • Using on-screen transcription
    • Creating text to speech audio tracks
    • Adding closed captions to audio tracks
  • Creating keyboard-accessible content
    • Adding keyboard access to click areas
    • Working with slide tab order
    • Creating accessible project navigation
  • Selecting and creating accessible quizzes
    • Creating accessible multiple choice quizzes
    • Creating accessible true/false quizzes
    • Creating Likert scale quizzes
    • Avoiding non-accessible quiz types
  • Considering additional accessibility requirements
    • Selecting accessible color contrast
    • Selecting accessible fonts and font sizes
    • Using interactions to increase accessibility
  • Publishing and Testing Captivate Projects
    • Testing your project for accessibility issues
    • Choosing accesible publishing formats

Private training is available for this course.

Call us at 1-888-484-2933 to learn more about our flexible scheduling options or complete our Information Request Form.

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