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iOS for Business  (APIO302)

Time: 9AM - 4PM Eastern Time (ET)
Duration: 1 Day

Compatible with iOS 6 devices, Mac or PC desktop or laptop


In this course you will learn how to: Configure and manage the advanced settings; Work with preloaded and free apps; Manage your files through direct connections and cloud storage; Present from your device to a television, monitor or projector; Discover how iOS is being used to enhance performance in the workplace; Use apps for business; Stay connected with your business partners.



This course is currently available in another city, on demand or for private classes only. Call us at 888.484.2933 to learn more about our flexible scheduling options or complete our Information Request Form and we will contact you to arrange a class date that is suitable to your availability.

Course Outline

  • Advanced iOS device settings
    • Managing your Notification Center
    • Connecting via Bluetooth
    • Using multitasking gestures
    • Setting up restrictions and protecting your provacy (child proofing)
    • Accessibility options
  • Working with preloaded and free Apple apps
    • Maps, Reminders, Find iPhone, Find Friends
  • Cloud storage beyond iCloud
    • What is cloud storage?
    • Using iCould storage
    • Working with other part cloud storage such as Dropbox, SkyDrive and Google drive
  • Presenting from your device
    • Watching movies and viewing files from your device on a television, monitor or projector
    • Sharing media through a physical connection
    • Sharing media wirelessly
  • iOS in business
    • Overview of how iOS is being used in workplaces around the world
    • Things to consider before iOS integration
  • Apps for business
    • Word procsseing (Pages), Spreadsheet (Numbers) and presentation (Keynote) apps
    • Other useful business apps
  • Staying connected
    • Communicating with others via email, messages, VOIP and video chat
    • Sharing contacts, calendars and email
    • Sharing other data and files

Private training is available for this course.

Call us at 1-888-484-2933 to learn more about our flexible scheduling options or complete our Information Request Form.

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