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WET: Implementing the Standard on Web Interoperability  (EWCL404)

Time: 9am - 4pm
Duration: 2 days


In this course you will learn how to: Identify the technologies required by the Standard on Web Interoperability; Describe Web content for people with disabilities using WAI-ARIA; Enhance search engine optimization and provide a richer browsing experience with HTML5 Microdata; Create Web feeds using the Atom Syndication Format; Include Microdata and ARIA markup in WET Usability theme content


EWHT201—Learning HTML5 or equivalent is essential

Public Class Schedule

Location Language Date Price  
Web-based(Opens in new window) English August 26 - August 27 $ 635.00
Web-based(Opens in new window) English November 27 - November 28 $ 635.00

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Course Outline

    • What is ARIA and how is it used?
    • How is ARIA accomplished?
    • Accessibility problems with scripting
    • When can ARIA be used?
  • The ARIA Roles Model
    • Understanding landmark roles
    • Understanding document structure roles
    • Understanding widget roles
  • ARIA States and Properties
    • Defining states and properties with widget attributes
    • Defining content changes with live region attributes
    • Defining drag and drop interface elements
    • Defining information relationships
  • HTML Microdata
    • What is microdata and how is it used?
    • Why should we add microdata?
    • When should we add microdata?
  • Basic Microdata Syntax
    • The itemscope, itemprop and itemtype attributes
    • Applying multiple properties
  • Understanding the Schema or Vocabulary
    • Describe an organization or business
    • Describe a person or contact
    • Describe event details
    • Describe product information
  • Microdata Tools
    • Schema Creator
    • The microDATAgenerator
    • Google's Rich Snippet Tester
  • Character Encoding
    • What is character encoding?
    • Why use UTF-8?
    • How to implement UTF-8
  • Web Feed Requirements
    • Understanding the Atom Syndication Format
    • Creating an Atom web feed
  • Implementing the Standard on Web Interoperability
    • Migrating your content to HTML5 in the WET Usability theme
    • Applying ARIA in the WET Usability theme
    • Applying Microdata in the WET Usability theme
    • Character encoding and the WET Usability theme

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