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Creating Accessible Documents in Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint  (MSEP301)

Time: 9am - 4pm
Duration: 1 day

Compatible with 2007, 2010, 2013


In this course you will learn how to: recognize accessibility issues with your content; add accessibility features in Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint; Test for accessibility issues


EWAW101EWAW101—WCAG 2.1: Understanding the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines or equivalent is mandatory.

Public Class Schedule

Location Language Date Price  
Web-based(Opens in new window) English September 25 $ 435.00
Web-based(Opens in new window) English November 22 $ 435.00

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Course Outline

  • Excel Setup
    • Worksheet Names
    • Table Titles
    • Row and Column Headers
    • Set Print Area
    • Hyperlinks
    • Document Properties
  • Excel Clean Up
    • Remove Comments
    • No Blank Rows and Columns
    • No Blank Data Cells
    • Delete Unused Worksheets
    • Hide Unused Rows and Columns
    • Check Spelling
  • Excel Visuals
    • Contrast
    • Graphics and Text Alternatives
    • Charts and Tables
  • Accessibility Tips for Excel
    • Dealing with Merged Cells
    • Declaring the End of working Worksheet
    • Screen Reader Help Text in Cell A1
    • Defining the Title Region
  • PowerPoint Set Up
    • Unique Slide Names
    • Table Structure
    • Hyperlinks
    • Notes
    • Document Properties
  • PowerPoint Clean Up
    • Remove Comments
    • No Non-text Slides
    • Remove transitions/animation
    • Check Spelling
  • PowerPointVisuals
    • Contrast
    • Graphics and Text Alternatives
    • Charts and Tables
  • Accessibility Tips for PowerPoint
    • Introductory Slide
    • Adjusting the Reading Order
    • Using Hidden Text
    • Videos and Captioning
  • Testing for accessibility and repairing issues
    • Using the built-in Accessibility Checker
    • Testing for sufficient contrast
    • Enabling accessibility features for export

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