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Innovation Driven by Adobe CC Custom Training

As Canada's largest printer, with operations in print, flexible packaging, publishing and digital media, Transcontinental creates products and services that allow businesses to attract, reach and retain their target customers. Transcontinental’s Premedia team produces more than 120,000 retail flyer pages per year, with the help of a large team of production artists skilled at print production.

The challenge

Nicky Milner describes the challenge she faced when joining the team as Director of Operations: “Within a few months of taking responsibility I soon realized that our production artists had not received up-to-date training in many of the newer digital production options of the Adobe Creative Cloud applications.”

Most of the training courses Transcontinental sourced were either too basic or too general to be useful in their environment. In addition, Transcontinental’s heavy production schedule didn’t allow for their production artists to spend days in offsite training.

The solution

Eliquo came on board and very quickly identified that a custom curriculum and course outline would be most useful, designed specifically to target the areas of greatest value. One of Eliquo’s instructors visited Transcontinental’s facility to interview the team. His goal was to identify training gaps and to understand their specific product applications. He then created custom training course materials using Transcontinental’s historical files, making the materials meaningful and relevant to his audience.

The results

“The training process went very smoothly. My team was able to identify immediate opportunities to improve efficiency, and to bring innovation to their work processes”, recaps Nicky Milner. “Eliquo’s in-depth product knowledge and ability to deliver a customized, relevant training solution was a refreshing experience, improving not just my staff’s productivity, but also their motivation!”

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