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Demystifying the Myths of Online Training

Misconceptions related to online training may be holding you back, especially during times of COVID-19 when in-person learning is no longer an option. Let us debunk those myths to get you back into the learning seat!

Myth #1: Online training is expensive.

It can be. However, more expensive does not necessarily equal more effective. At Eliquo, we offer very affordable live web-based training courses. We also introduced FlexPass, which gives you and your team unlimited training at a fixed price.

Myth #2: Online training is boring.

This is definitely not the case at Eliquo! Our training courses are fun and very engaging! Participants can see the instructor as well as the instructor's computer screen and white board to follow along with a live course occurring in one of our classrooms in real time. 

Myth #3: Online training is not engaging.

Let us prove you wrong by sharing this feedback we received from one of our clients.

The trainer was dynamic and engaging, the material was very well presented, and dialogue and student engagement were just the right amount, and the technology used was flawless.

Myth #4: Online training is for gifted students only.

The answer is: Definitely not! What does it even mean, "for gifted students only"? At Eliquo, we offer beginner courses, intermediate ones as well as advanced courses. Be sure to read the course details or ask our team for assistance, so you are signed up for the correct one.

Myth #5: Online training is easier than in-person training.

This is just as wrong as saying that online training is more difficult than in-person training. We ask our students to be focused whether or not they are learning online or in our classroom. Be sure to block those days off to be able to maximize your training days with us.

Myth #6: The quality of online training is lower than in-person learning. 

If you simply listen to an online training course - then we agree. At Eliquo however, you don't get to just listen, you are interacting and learning in real time. Our online training courses are all live and instructor-led to allow for discussions, questions, and more.

Myth #7: With online training, there is no interaction with the students.

Sadly, with some online training providers this is exactly the case. At Eliquo, we ensure a two-way communication with our students is not only possible but encouraged. Our online training classes are very engaging and fun! Be ready to interact, get to know your classmates, and ask questions!

Kam, the instructor, was extremely patient with some of us who had no previous experience with InDesign or Illustrator. He took the time to answer questions and to provide explanations as needed throughout the two days.

Myth #8: You have to be tech-savvy to do online training.

You certainly do NOT have to be tech-savvy to attend our online training courses. We use GoToMeeting as our web conferencing system. Should you have any problems connecting, our team is available to help.

Myth #9: Employers don’t value online training.

Why wouldn't they? You are learning new skills, you increase your productivity, and chances are, your motivation increases as well. What's there not to value?

Myth #10: I won't learn much if I do online training.

Wrong again! Just check out this testimonial we received from one of our clients.

Kam is an amazing instructor. I learned more in the 3-day Adobe Premiere Pro course this week than I did in a college program I took many years ago!

Need more convincing? Check out our extensive list of online training offerings - all live and instructor-led. If you still have questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact us.

Web-based training is super easy to set up and doesn’t require fancy software.

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