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5 Benefits of Live Online Training

Government issued stay-at-home orders and lockdowns due to COVID-19 currently don’t allow for in-person training classes. We may be stuck with web-based classes as the only option, for the time being, but there are many benefits of live online training:

Maintain your lifestyle

Do you have to pick up your child from school? Did you get a new puppy that needs walking throughout the day? You can attend our online training classes with your dog at your feet. Web-based training allows you to run a quick errand during a break or catch up on work emails.


No matter where you live or work, you can tune into our web-based, instructor-led classes. A training class doesn’t have to be a disruptive inconvenience. Instead, it saves time and is an addition to your work day, which can easily be scheduled alongside your other responsibilities.

Cost savings

With live online training there are no travel costs, but you also save all associated expenditures such as hotel, food and beverage, out of office expenses, etc. Less overall costs could mean more training, which is a win-win situation for everyone!

What other benefits of live online training are there?

Experience in-person interactions – online 

With live, instructor-led online training, your overall experience is the same as if you were sitting in a classroom. Interactive two-way communications are enabled throughout the day. Ask questions, discuss real-life examples, interact with other students, complete exercises, talk to the instructor, and take part in group discussions.

Enjoy close ups

The class is happening on your own monitor, close up, when you take live online classes. Many students prefer this over face to face classroom tutoring. What is your preference?

At Eliquo, we provide targeted training courses that address our clients' real-world production requirements by listening to their needs, assessing their objectives and developing online course programs that meet them head on.

One disadvantage? When you choose live, real-time, online training with us, you miss out on popcorn and other delicious treats that we serve during breaks. For now, during COVID-19, we have to make do with just web-based training classes; we are, however, looking forward to welcoming you back to our classroom as soon as restrictions ease!

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Web-based training is super easy to set up and doesn’t require fancy software.

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