Eliquo Announces New Branding

We are excited to launch our new branding and web site!

After 18 years, it was time to refresh Eliquo’s look with a new corporate identity and branding. We have introduced a new logo, new colour palette and new branding guidelines all reflected on our new web site.

About our Logo

Eliquo recognized that our success and longevity since 2002 is based on consistently delivering at a higher level on 4 key factors or as we say, the 4 pillars of Eliquo:

  • Our instructors
  • Course offerings
  • Client support
  • Learning environment

What the Rebrand Represents

Our new identity enforces these pillars through the use of colour and their representation as crystals. The crystals represent how learning attributes to personal and professional growth and Eliquo Training is a catalyst for our clients’ continual skills development and maturation.

The Rebrand represents the past, present and future of Eliquo. The past is our history of creating valuable and useful courses for our clients and having our historically outstanding instructors impart their knowledge on them. The present is about how we are adapting courses to the continually changing landscape of the design and digital content creators’ world and how we deliver them every day. The future of Eliquo is about learning from our past and leveraging our knowledge and experience to anticipate the future of corporate learning.  We will continue to adapt our training, services, and methods of delivery to ensure we are providing our clients with the most enriching learning experience possible. We anticipate the additions of more social or community learning platforms to emerge. If they are beneficial to our clients, we will adopt them as needed. And without any doubt, there will be new technology options that we can utilize and incorporate into how we deliver content.

About Our New Web Site

We are very pleased to announce the recent launch of our new web site and URL. It incorporates our new branding as well as many new features and technical enhancements to improve the web site’s performance and ultimately our clients’ experience.

Some of the major changes include:

  • Refreshed design & layout
  • Super fast page loading times
  • Streamlined navigation and super responsive filters
  • Simplified course registration process
  • FAQ page to help with many of your questions
  • WCAG 2.1 AA compliant

We hope you enjoy the new look and the new web site. If you have any questions or just want to reach out and connect with us, please do so anytime.

And thank you for your continued support of Eliquo Training. Cheers!

Craig Boassaly
President & Founder

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