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Pros and Cons of Web-Based Training

In times of COVID-19, there are no other options but to move training online. It certainly is convenient to join professional development courses from the comfort of your home, but can students learn as effectively as they would do in an in-person classroom environment? Are instructors as engaging and allowing virtual classroom discussions and idea exchanges? We say yes, and yes.

In fact, there are several benefits of web-based training:


Students can join web-based training courses from anywhere at any time, provided they have access to the Internet, from the comfort of their homes during COVID-19 or from their offices – post pandemic. Remote or geographically dispersed teams could take a web-based training course online together.


Web-based training courses allow students increased flexibility to focus not only on the class whereas traditional training courses take employees away from their jobs for significant amounts of time.

Cost savings

Zero travel and increased efficiencies translate into significant cost savings for employers. Less costs = more training!


Students can join the web-based training course from anywhere using their own devices. Live, online support removes barriers to enable all students to participate and learn.

Eliquo's web-based courses are not webinars, they are live, online courses where participants have two-way interaction at all times. Learn more about our web-based training offerings!