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PDF Accessibility Remediation Services

So You Need Accessible PDFs? You’ve Come to the Right Place

How Eliquo Can Help You

  • PDF Remediation
  • Conversion of PDF documents to fully WCAG compliant PDFs
  • Conversion of Microsoft Word, Excel & PowerPoint to WCAG compliant PDF
  • Conversion of fillable PDF forms to fully WCAG compliant PDFs
  • PDF to HTML: We convert PDF to WCAG 2.1 AA and WCAG 2.2 AA HTML
  • We support Adobe Acrobat, Foxit and Kofax PDF formats

Guidelines Conformance

  • WCAG (W3C) guidelines, ADA guidelines, Ontario AODA guidelines and Section 508 guidelines
  • We meet all federal, state, local, provincial and municipal accessibility compliance standards

Pricing & Timelines

  • Pricing is per page so you know exactly what you are paying for
  • Pricing is generally dependant on the document’s complexity or if it’s a fillable form. The good news is that 95% of static documents fall within our lowest pricing level.
  • We can convert up to 1,000 pages in 10 working days or less


To achieve PDF WCAG compliance, we use a variety of PDF Accessibility verification technologies to discover compliance errors and repair them. We will identify and fix issues related to alternate text, table formatting, heading styles, nesting, bullet points, spacing considerations, hyperlinks, logical reading order, and more. Once automated testing is complete and the PDF is PDF/UA compliant, our QA team tests the PDF using assistive technology to ensure functional accessibility.

Additional Accessibility Services

Accessibility Testing Services

Proper accessibility testing is the key element to an efficient accessibility workflow. Our trained experts provide you with a comprehensive report to guide your design and development team in repairing issues that would fail WCAG compliance. Our testing services include:

  • LiveCycle Designer PDF forms (XFA Forms)
  • Acrobat Pro PDF forms (AcroForms)
  • Website and web applications
  • WCAG 2.2 AA assessments and reports
  • Functional testing
  • Repair assistance

Accessibility Training

Full listing of our WCAG/Accessibility courses.
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