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Time: 9AM - 4PM Eastern Time (ET)
Duration: 4 Days


AEM Sites: Developer Training teaches the fundamentals of building a custom AEM website based on templates and components. It provides with the conceptual information on JCR, web framework, and OSGi framework. Using CRXDE Lite, students will develop a custom website while reinforcing the fundamental concepts, such as components, templates, dynamic image rendering, navigation, and modularization. It also provides an overview of mobile sites. AEM 6.0 has deep coverage on Sightly — the new templating language that helps front-end developers to quickly develop components.


or equivalent knowledge or experience is mandatory.

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Course Outline

  • Day 1: Morning Session
    • Getting Started
    • Content Repository
    • Apache Jackrabbit Oak
  • Day 1: Afternoon Session
    • Web Framework
    • REST
    • Sightly
    • Bracket plugin
  • Day 2: Morning Session
    • Create a website
    • Structure
    • Modularize
    • Templates
    • Page rendering
  • Day 2: Afternoon Session
    • Sightly template
    • Designs
    • Dynamic top navigation
    • Extend paragraph system
  • Day 3: Morning Session
    • Create dialog boxes
    • Create dialog boxes for global content
    • Enhance the component
  • Day 3: Afternoon Session
    • Use foundation components
    • include breadcrumb
    • Add client libraries
    • Create mobile websites
  • Day 4: Morning Session
    • Create complex components
    • End user search
    • Using jQuery with Apache Sling
  • Day 4: Afternoon Session
    • Workflow
    • Package Manager
    • Performance consideration
    • AEM Deployment

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