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Time: 9AM - 4PM Eastern Time (ET)
Duration: 2 Days


In this course, you will learn how to: Create documents and templates; Import, create edit and format text; Import images; Work with tables; Output to PDF.



Adobe Framemaker

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Course Outline

  • Getting started with FrameMaker
    • Overview of FrameMaker's user interface
    • Navigating documents and setting view options
  • Exploring the FrameMaker template
    • What is a FrameMaker template?
    • Exploring available templates
    • Creating documents using a template
  • Working with text
    • Importing text from Word or other formats
    • Inserting special characters
    • Using find/change
    • Using the spelling checker and thesaurus
    • Setting text options
  • Working with paragraph and character tags
    • Applying paragraph and character tags to format text
    • Applying/removing manual format overrides on text
    • Using the paragraph and character designers to create/edit tags
    • Creating auto-numbering for headings, lists, tables and figures
  • Inserting graphics
    • Choosing the correct graphic formats and properties
    • Inserting an anchored frame
    • Adding a graphic frame and setting runaround properties for text
    • Importing graphics
  • Working with tables
    • Insert a table
    • Adding/deleting/resizing rows and columns
    • Applying table formats
    • Creating/editing table formats
    • Creating ruling styles
    • Applying custom ruling and shading
    • Importing tables from Word or Excel
  • Working with master pages
    • Applying a master page to a body page
    • Creating/deleting master pages
    • Adding headers and footers and background graphics and text
    • Adding page and section numbers, Running H/F , and other variables
    • Setting a paragraph tag to apply a master page automatically
  • Publishing to PDF
    • Saving files and books to PDF format
    • Using PDF setup and optimization options

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