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Time: 9AM - 4PM Eastern Time (ET)
Duration: 2 Days


In this course, you will learn how to: How to draw and colour objects; Advanced dynamic text options; How to create and manage long documents.


Adobe FrameMaker or equivalent knowledge or experience is mandatory.

Adobe Framemaker

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Course Outline

  • Creating colour definitions
    • Defining CMYK and Pantone colours for the template
  • Working with the drawing tools
    • Creating basic shapes
    • Changing fill and pen pattern
    • Setting line width
    • Creating dashed line pattern
    • Using end line styles
    • Applying colour and tint
    • Selecting, modifying and grouping
    • Align and distribute objects
    • Applying transformation (rotation, flip, scale)
  • Working with variables
    • Inserting a variable into text
    • Editing the definition of system variables
    • Creating user-defined variables
  • Working with cross-references
    • Inserting cross-references
    • Creating/editing cross-reference formats
    • Fixing unresolved cross-references
  • Using footnotes
    • Inserting footnotes and table footnotes
    • Creating footnote and table footnote styles
    • Setting numbering properties
  • Using conditional text
    • Planning the creation of a multi-version document using conditional text
    • Creating conditional text tags
    • Setting view options for conditional text
    • Applying condition tags to text, tables and anchored frames
    • Using conditional text in books
  • Working with books
    • Creating and managing files in a book
    • Changing pagination in a book
    • Setting numbering properties
    • Setting view options
    • Printing and creating a PDF from a book
  • Creating a table of contents, index and other lists
    • Creating a standalone table of contents or adding one to a book
    • Adding an index to the book
    • Adding index markers to files
    • Setting up the reference page to control TOC and IX entries
    • Creating other generated lists such as List of Tables or List of Figures

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