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Time: 9AM - 4PM Eastern Time (ET)
Duration: 2 Days


Manage a large print project and see how to approach Adobe InDesign for larger publications. A look at advanced text style sheets for text formatting on a large scale. Build and manage Book Files, a Table of Contents and an Index.


Adobe InDesign: 2 Days or equivalent knowledge or experience is mandatory.

Adobe In Design

Public Class Schedule

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Web-based(Opens in new window) English November 18 - November 19 $695.00
Web-based(Opens in new window) English February 3 - February 4 $695.00
Web-based(Opens in new window) English May 26 - May 27 $695.00

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Course Outline

  • Brief Review / Tips and Tricks
    • The InDesign workspace
    • Working with images
    • Working with text and text frames
    • Using Adobe Bridge, Libraries and Snippits
  • Working with Long Documents
    • Navigating longer documents
    • Adding/deleting/duplicating/moving pages
    • Working with spreads and the Page tool
    • Using master pages to duplicate headers, footers and page properties
    • Overriding and master page items on document pages
    • Changing and reapplying master items
    • Automatic page numbering and numbering and section options
    • Flowing large stories over large page ranges
  • Working with Style Sheets
    • Why use style sheets?
    • Defining and using paragraph and character styles
    • Loading and importing styles between documents
    • Applying styles and style overrides to text
    • Clearing overrides, redefining and deleting styles
    • Hyphenation and justification
    • Keeping lines and paragraphs together
    • Nesting styles for efficiency
    • Working with bullets and numbered lists
    • Using the next style feature to format large ranges of type quickly and easily
    • Working with object styles, text frame options, object effects and transparency effects
  • Document text features
    • Headers and footers
    • Footnotes and endnotes
    • Working with live text variables
    • Working with automatic image captions
    • Tracking changes in the text story
  • Working with Books
    • What is a book and why use one?
    • Creating/opening/deleting books
    • Adding/removing/replacing documents
    • Synchronizing books
    • Printing/exporting books
  • Table of Contents (TOC)
    • Review of paragraph styles, using tabs in styles
    • Creating TOC entry styles
    • Generating the TOC
    • Saving the general TOC style
    • Updating the TOC
    • Using a TOC with books
  • Indexes
    • Creating index items
    • Modifying/deleting index items
    • Generating the index file
    • Working with indexes with books

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