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Time: 9AM - 4PM Eastern Time (ET)
Duration: 1 Day


In this course, you will learn how to: Optimize graphics for the web; Batch process multiple files; Create web mock-ups and slices; Create an entire working website directly from Photoshop.



Adobe Photoshop

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Course Outline

  • Review
    • Opening, closing, saving documents
    • Viewing and editing palettes, menus and shortcuts
    • Rulers, grids and guidelines
    • Raster images vs vector images
    • Image size and resolution
  • Optimizing Graphics for the Web
    • Web file types
    • File settings
    • Quality vs file size
  • Actions and Batch Processing
    • Recording actions
    • Playback options
    • Including actions in batch processing
    • Batch processing for the web
    • Creating thumbnail images
  • Swatches and Styles
    • Creating, deleting and modifying swatches
    • Sharing swatches
    • Creating, deleting and modifying styles
    • Sharing styles
    • Creating styled headings and buttons
  • Creating Seamless Tiles
    • When to use seamless tiles
    • The overlap method
    • The kaleidoscope method
    • The Offset filter
    • Saving as a Pattern Fill
  • Working with Layer Comps
    • For mock-ups
    • For content pages
    • For rollover states
  • Slicing and Exporting
    • Working with slices
    • Exporting slices
    • Creating rollover graphics
    • Assembling and modifying your pages in Adobe Dreamweaver

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