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Adobe Certified Video Instructor

Course Details

Time: 9AM - 4PM Eastern Time (ET)
Duration: 3 Days


This three-day hands-on course will familiarize students with Apple's masterful new color grading and finishing software. Start with the basics of color balancing and correction, and move on to the fine points of secondary grading, including scene matching, using vignettes to isolate and track regions, creating advanced color effects and "looks", skin tone adjustments, adjusting the composition and framing of a shot, and much more.



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Course Outline

  • Color Quick Start
    • Importing a Final Cut Pro Projects to Color, Composer and Viewer Windows, Introduction to Scopes, Basic Navigation, Introduction to the Color Rooms, and Outputting back to Final Cut Pro
  • Basic Primaries
    • Exploring the Primary Room, Using the Auto Balance Control, Correcting with the Color Wheels, Adjusting Contrast and Color with Color Wheels, Correcting Color and Contrast with Curves, Understanding Basic Saturation and Advanced Tab
  • Basic Secondary Grading
    • Overview of the Secondaries Room, Isolating Areas by Color using the eyedropper and HSL Selectors, Masking Areas by Shape, and Grading with Secondary Curves
  • Advanced Secondary Grading: Combining Grades
    • Using Multiple Vignettes, Combining Keys and Vignettes, and Employing Multiple Secondaries
  • Grade Management
    • Creating and Recalling Corrections and Grades, Using the Timeline, Using the Still Store Room, and Grouping Shots
  • Apply Effects in the Color FX Room
    • Overview of the Color FX Room, Used Grade Effects, Presets, Using Nodes, Day for Night, Bleach Bypass, Dream Sequence, Edge Vignette, Creating a Film Look, Using Old or Damaged Film-Vintage Effect, Saving and Recalling your Favorite Effect
  • Common Recipes: Creating Specific Looks
    • Correcting Skin Tones, Day for Night, Bleach Bypass, Dream Sequence, Edge Vignette, DV into Film Look, and Damaged/Vintage Film Look
  • Recomposing Shots in the Geometry Room
    • Geometry Room Overview, Pan-and-Scanning, Repositioning the Frame, Rotations and Zooms, Fixing Your Framing and Creating Custom Shapes
  • Tracking and Keyframing
    • Tracking Images, Applying Trackers to Vignettes, Applying Trackers to Other Corrections, Advanced Tracking Techniques and Using Keyframes
  • Finalizing Grades and Outputting
    • Broadcast Safe Settings, Render Settings, Using the Render Queue, Final Print Options, Final Gather Options, Exporting JPEGs and Archiving Projects

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