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Time: 9AM - 4PM Eastern Time (ET)
Duration: 1 Day


In this course you will learn how to: Create an interactive iBook with dynamic content; Insert text, graphics and interactive media; Change the layout of your content; Add book information and security; Share your book with others; Publish and distribute your book independently and through the iBookstore.



I Book Course

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Course Outline

  • Getting started
    • What is iBooks Author?
    • From start to finish in less than 5 minutes
    • Workspace tour
    • Choosing a template
    • Adding content
    • Previewing your book on your iPad
    • Sharing your book
  • Understanding your book setup
    • Designing a cover
    • Creating an introduction
    • Understanding chapters, sections and pages
    • Creating a glossary
    • Working with the Table of Contents
  • Layout options
    • Changing the number of columns
    • Column and page breaks
    • Text flow and text wrapping
    • Using rulers, invisible characters and object boundaries
    • Creating and modifying layouts and templates
  • Working with text
    • Adding and formatting text
    • Importing text from other applications
    • Working with styles
    • Adding chapter, section and page titles and numbering
    • Advanced text options such as spell check, find/replace and hyphenation settings
  • Graphics, shapes and tables
    • Adding and modifying graphics and other objects
    • Creating and modifying shapes
    • Working with photos
    • Working with tables and charts
  • Using interactive media
    • Creating an image gallery
    • Inserting audio and video
    • Creating a quiz
    • Connecting to live content
  • Previewing, sharing and publishing your book
    • Previewing your book or a single chapter on your iPad
    • Adding book information such as author, title and keywords
    • Adding password security
    • Sharing your book with others through e-mail
    • Exporting your book for distribution
    • Submitting your book to the iBookstore for publication

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