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Adobe Certified Video Instructor

Course Details

Time: 9AM - 4PM Eastern Time (ET)
Duration: 2 Days


This two-day class guides you through using Soundtrack Pro to edit audio files, repair field recordings, perform multitrack arranging and mixing, synchronize audio and video, analyze and fix common audio problems, and perform other creative sound design techniques. This course focuses on practical, professional techniques used to add professional music and sound effects to video and multimedia projects.



Apple Soundtrack Pro

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Course Outline

  • Exploring the Full Interface
    • Opening a Sequence in Final Cut Pro, Exploring the File Editor Project View, Using the Global Waveform View, Analyzing an Audio File, Working with Actions, Reducing Noise, and Rippling Changes to Final Cut Pro
  • Working with the Frequency Spectrum
    • Using the Frequency Spectrum View, Controlling the Spectrum, and Working with Frequency
  • Recording in Soundtrack Pro
    • Opening Multitrack Projects, Using the Timecode HUD, Working with Tracks, Setting Up for Recording, Recording a Single Take, Collecting the Project, and Using Punch Recording
  • Old School Dialogue Replacement
    • Using Soundtrack Pro's Editing Tools, Arranging Clips, Mixing the Recording into the Scene, and Working with Ambient Noise
  • New School Dialogue Replacement
    • About Cycle Recording, Using the Multitake Editor, Slipping Takes, Creating a Composite Take and Using Transitions
  • Spotting Sound Effects
    • Setting Up for Spotting, Exploring the Bin and Browser, Using the Multipoint Video HUD, Three-Point Edits, Using Fades and Using Envelopes to Create Fades
  • Working with Musical Content
    • Setting Up for Music Production, Using the Search Function, Adding Music Beds, Working with Loops, Using Markers, and Using Markers to Set Tempo
  • Mixing Multitrack Projects
    • Exploring the Mixer, Using Submixes, Adding DSP Effects to a Track, Exploring Automation Modes, Using Buses and Using the Master Channel
  • Conforming Multitrack Projects
    • Working in Parallel, Importing Changes from Final Cut Pro, Sending the Revised Edit to Soundtrack Pro, Conforming Projects, Reviewing and Approving Changes, and Comparing Projects

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