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Time: 9AM - 4PM Eastern Time (ET)
Duration: 2 Days


Digital illustration doesn't get any easier. Use CorelDRAW's powerful drawing and shaping tools to create your illustrations, then add special effects to enhance them. Create custom logos and wordmarks by applying effects to text as well.



Corel Draw

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Course Outline

  • Workspace Tour
    • opening, closing, saving documents
    • toolbars, dockers, menus and shortcuts
    • application and document options
    • rulers, grids and guidelines
  • Navigating your document
    • zooming and scrolling
    • the navigator pop-up
    • view options
  • Document basics
    • creating a new document
    • document layout
    • new from template
    • crop tool
  • Drawing Objects
    • drawing basic shapes
    • the 3-point tool
    • polygons, stars, grids and spirals
    • perfect shapes
    • smart drawing tool
  • Working with objects
    • selecting and grouping
    • align and distribute
    • the stacking order
    • the Object Manager docker
    • reshaping objects
    • converting to curves
  • The pen tool
    • drawing points and curves
    • modifying points and curves
    • tracing objects
  • Working with colour
    • colour docker
    • colour palettes
    • eyedropper/paintbucket tools
    • outline, fill, interactive fill tools
    • object properties docker
    • smart fill tool
  • Working with type
    • point text, paragraph text
    • character and paragraph attributes
    • using text wrap
  • Printing and Exporting
    • printing
    • exporting to various file formats
    • publishing to PDF

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