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Time: 9AM - 4PM Eastern Time (ET)
Duration: 1 Day


You wouldn't expect a word processing course to make you a writer; it's a tool you use to write. By the same token, graphic design software is a tool for your design. To become a great designer you need to study great design. In this class we teach you about colour, composition and typography. We give you guidelines that can be used for anything from single-page designs to multi-page websites and print materials.



Design Course

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Course Outline

  • Sketching Your Ideas
    • the value of the thumbnail
    • effective brainstorming techniques
  • Design Fundamentals
    • choosing colours
    • proximity
    • alignment
    • repetition
    • contrast
  • Geometry in Design
    • geometry in nature
    • geometry in art and design
    • the Golden Section
    • root-based rectangles
  • Typography
    • the anatomy of type
    • display text vs copy text
    • legibility and readability
    • choosing the right font
  • Designing a grid-based layout
    • why use grids?
    • grouping boxes
    • the CUTYOS system
    • flexibility
    • dividing the page

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