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Time: 9AM - 4PM Eastern Time (ET)
Duration: 1 Day


Why don't my designs look as good when they are printed as they do on my computer screen? Why do my colours keep changing as I go from one computer or printer to another? Why can't I just take a logo off a website and blow it up for a marketing piece? Because each device interprets the colour differently. You need to teach your devices how to "talk" to each other and then send the translations with the file through the entire workflow. That's what digital imaging and colour management is all about. And that's what this class is all about too.



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Course Outline

  • Introduction
    • raster vs vector
    • image size and resolution
    • what is colour?
    • how the eye sees colour
  • Colour Models and Modes
    • about models and modes
    • HSB
    • RGB
    • CMYK
    • Lab
  • Colour Management
    • gamut
    • converting between modes
    • characterizing your monitor
    • colour settings
    • choosing colours
    • gamut warning/soft proof
    • colour correction tools
  • Spot Colour
    • about spot colours
    • managing spot channels
    • knockout/trapping
    • duotones
    • spot colour output
  • Managing Devices
    • scanners
    • digital cameras
    • comparing devices
    • testing your input devices
    • correcting colour casts
  • Colour Management Workflow
    • consistent colour management throughout various applications

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