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Time: 9AM - 4PM Eastern Time (ET)
Duration: 1 Day


In this course you will learn how to: Explore the ubiquity of visual content online and its impact on marketing; Practice identifying and participating in static image social media platforms; Work on the design of an infographic and explore the power of infographics; Examine the anatomy of marketing video content in several varieties.



Digital Marketing Course

Public Class Schedule

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Web-based(Opens in new window) English November 8 $495.00

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Course Outline

  • Visual ubiquity
    • Stats and trends
    • Platforms and demographics
    • Stock vs custom design
    • Skills
    • Devices
    • Shareability
  • Images online
    • Pinterest
    • Instagram
    • Banners and ads
    • Memes
    • Motion graphics
    • Slideshows
  • Infographics
    • Objectives of visualization
    • Static, motion and interactive infographics
    • Editorial, brand and data visualization infographics
    • Quality content: Utility, soundness, and beauty
    • Quality design: Illustration, data, and graphics
    • Distribution and sharing
  • Video
    • Video platforms
    • Annotations and calls to action (CTA)
    • Quality and length
    • Scripts, closed captioning, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Channels and playlists
    • Live video

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