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Time: 9AM - 12PM Eastern Time (ET)
Duration: 1/2 Day


In this course you will learn how to: Identify the various components of SCORM; Structure learning information for SCROM compliance; Design content for SCORM; Define SCORM assessment paramaters; Locate and create reusable content; Use DMEs for tracking learner and lesson data.



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Course Outline

  • SCORM fundamentals
    • Basic ADL/SCORM concepts and definitions
    • A (very) brief history of SCORM
    • SCORM in the context of learning
    • SCORM requirements
    • SCORM limitations
    • SCORM versions
  • Structuring information
    • SCORM terminology
    • Structuring instruction
    • The basics of sequencing
    • Creating adaptive content
  • Desinging content
    • SCORM application parameters
    • Shareable content objects (SCOs)
    • Storyboards, outlining, and design
    • Personalization
  • Assessment and SCORM
    • Assessment defined
    • Assessment and remediation
    • Assessment and SCOs
    • What LMS data can be used?
    • SCO purposing
  • Reusable content
    • Reusable content defined
    • Creating reusable content
    • Finding reusable content
  • Tracking learner data
    • Learner and object metadata
    • Tracking learner data
    • Uses of DMEs

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