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Time: 9AM - 4PM Eastern Time (ET)
Duration: 2 Days


In this course you will learn how to: Identify key concepts of Universal Design for Learning (UDL); Implement UDL principles for eLearning; Create accessible eLearning environments and course navigation; Share knowledge and skills through accessible text, audio and multimedia; Enhance learner participation and demonstration of learning; Foster learner engagement


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Course Outline

  • Understanding Universal Design for Learning (UDL)
    • History of Universal Design for Learning
    • UDL and WCAG 2.1
  • UDL key concepts
    • Presenting ideas and information in multiple ways
    • Providing students with multiple ways to express their understanding
    • Motivating students by building on their interests and creating appropriate challenges
  • Adopting UDL principles for eLearning
    • Increasing participation of persons with disabilities
    • Responding to increasingly diverse population
    • Reviewing the costs and legal responsibilities
  • Integrating WCAG 2.1 Criteria into ADDIE
    • Project Management and transversal accessibility
    • Functional, technological and strategic analysis
    • Interaction, graphic and prototype design
    • Content, interface and course development
  • Creating accessible eLearning environments and course navigation
    • Recognizing the indicators
    • Designing the eLearning environment
    • Building accessible eLearning course navigation
  • Sharing knowledge and skills through text
    • Selecting optimal text display and screen layout
    • Reading graphics, charts, and tables
    • Adressing Literacy and readability levels
  • Sharing knowledge and skills through audio
    • Optimizing audio in an eLearning environment
  • Sharing knowledge and skills through multimedia
    • Leveraging multimedia and the internet
    • Repurposing PowerPoint and other presentation applications
    • Benefiting from external links to accessible internet resources
    • Avoiding inaccessible eLearning tools
  • Enhancing learner participation and demonstration of learning
    • Setting up and leveraging online discussion
    • Designing accessible and fair assignments and exams
  • Fostering engagement
    • Understanding the benefits of engagement
    • Laying the groundwork for engagement
    • Maintaining learner engagement

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