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Adobe Certified Video Instructor

Course Details

Time: 9AM - 4PM Eastern Time (ET)
Duration: 2 Days


In this course, you will learn how to: Use your camera effectively for various types of projects; Plan and budget your video project; Light your scene and capture, manage, and archive your video and audio files; Export your footage for processing in various video editing software.



Video Production Course

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Course Outline

  • Introduction
    • Video production fundamentals
    • Working with various video and audio systems
    • Production check list
  • Planning
    • Planning your production
    • Creating and working with scripts
    • Creating and working with storyboards
    • Planning your shots
    • Scouting and scheduling
    • Budgeting the production
  • Working with your Camera
    • Video camera basics
    • High-definition (HD) vs. Standard-definition (SD)
    • Understanding and setting white balance
    • Setting shutter speed and aperture
    • Controlling exposure
    • Using Zebra and Peak
    • Working with lenses and filters
    • Choosing the right camera
  • Working with Light
    • Video lighting fundamentals
    • Basic lighting techniques
    • Working with various types of video light sources
    • Lighting your shot
    • Using the right lighting for your shot
  • Working with sound
    • Audio settings and recordings
    • Various microphone types
    • Selecting the right microphone
    • Working with a wireless microphone system
    • Working with a shotgun microphone
  • Capturing audio and video
    • How to log and transfer to Apple Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro
    • Monitoring and external connectivity
    • External storage systems and archiving

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