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Time: 9AM - 4PM Eastern Time (ET)
Duration: 2 Days


In this course, you will learn how to: Load new data without having to reload the entire page; Make your web applications look and behave more like desktop applications; Pull HTML, XML and JSON data into your web page; Combine Ajax with open web Application Plug-Ins (APIs).



Web Design Course

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Course Outline

  • JavaScript Review
    • Statements, variables and data types
    • Loops, functions and objects
    • Document Object Model
  • Ajax Overview
    • What is Ajax?
    • What can you do with Ajax?
  • The XMLHttpRequest Object
    • Create an instance of the XMLHttpRequest object
    • The native XMLHttpRequest Object
    • Microsoft's ActiveXObject
    • Understanding object detection
  • Sending a Request
    • The onreadystatechange event handler
    • The open method
    • Sending a null request
    • Sending data to the server
  • Handling the Server Response
    • The readystate property
    • The status property
    • The responseText and responseXML properties
  • Working with Multiple XMLHttpRequest Objects
    • Handling multiple XMLHttpRequest requests
    • Storing XMLHttpRequest objects in an array
    • Using inner functions
  • Working with Different Data Formats
    • Extracting data from HTML
    • Extracting data from XML
    • Extracting data from JSON
  • Progressive Enhancement and Ajax
    • Planning Ajax from the start
    • Implementing Ajax
    • The Hijax approach

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