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Time: 9AM - 4PM Eastern Time (ET)
Duration: 2 Days


Now that you understand how ASP works and you can build a basic ASP web page or application, it's time to learn more advanced scripting techniques. We'll show you how arrays, server variables and cookies can make life easier for you and your users. We'll also show you how ASP can work with other languages such as MySQL and we'll give you an introduction to the popular ASP.NET framework.


ASP: An Introduction or equivalent knowledge or experience is mandatory.

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Course Outline

  • Brief Review
    • Object Oriented Programming
    • ASP syntax and reserved characters
    • working with variables
    • working with strings
    • conditional statements, loops and functions
  • Using Arrays
    • what is an array, why use an array?
    • standard arrays
    • fixed vs dynamic
    • multi-dimensional arrays
    • array manipulation functions
  • Sending and receiving variables
    • the "get" method
    • the "post" method
    • global vs. local variables
    • passing variables between functions
  • Working with Forms
    • dynamically populating form fields
    • form validation
    • processing forms
    • populating blank forms and templates
    • using the "mail" method
  • Document Headers
    • reading document headers
    • setting and getting cookies
  • From Here
    • integration with MySQL
    • introduction to ASP.NET

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