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Time: 9AM - 4PM Eastern Time (ET)
Duration: 2 Days


Take your JavaScript to the next level by creating reusable functions and storing information in browser cookies. We'll show you how to easily alternate table row background colours, rotate banners, and control your Cascading Style Sheets to create dynamic layouts as well.


JavaScript: An Introduction or equivalent knowledge or experience is mandatory.

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Course Outline

  • Brief Review
    • JavaScript syntax and reserved characters
    • working with variables
    • working with strings
    • conditional statements, loops and functions
  • Using Arrays
    • what is an array, why use an array?
    • standard arrays
    • associative arrays
    • two-dimensional arrays
    • array manipulation functions
  • Working with Cookies and Session Variables
    • working with session variables
    • what is a cookie?
    • storing cookies
    • retrieving cookies
    • deleting and resetting cookies
  • Page Presentation Effects
    • introduction to AJAX
    • alternating table row backgrounds
    • image effects
    • creating drop-down menus

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