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Time: 9AM - 4PM Eastern Time (ET)
Duration: 2 Days


The future of design is data-driven layouts. And the future is here. XML allows you to tag your content in meaningful ways to describe what it is. With an XML file, you can apply a style sheet and immediately have a web page; apply a transformation style sheet and you can even change the structure of the content on-the-fly; in fact, you can even take that same XML file into a desktop publishing program and create a print-ready design with one click. Put the power of XML to work for you regardless of your design medium.



Web Design Course

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Course Outline

  • Fundamentals
    • introduction to XML
    • XML syntax
    • Document Type Definition
  • Manipulating XML
    • DOM (Document Object Model)
    • SAX (Simple API for XML)
    • CSS and XSLT
  • Other Structured Languages
    • Synchronized Multimedia Markup Language (SMIL)
    • Math Markup Language (MathML)
  • Where the "Extensibility" comes in
    • web-based applications
    • print applications
    • accessibility
  • XML Editors/Applications
    • XMetaL
    • XMLSpy
    • XMLmind

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