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Adobe Certified Video Instructor

Course Details

Time: 9AM - 4PM Eastern Time (ET)
Duration: 3 Days


This three-day guru series hands-on course will help you: Master Chroma Key production workflows; Create Green/Blue screen in studio and on-site quickly and effectively; Explore camera and lighting setup for Chroma Key use; Learn how to use a Green/Blue screen and create transparent projects in Adobe Premiere Pro using “Ultra Key”.


or equivalent knowledge or experience is mandatory.

Video Production Course

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Course Outline

  • Mastering Studio Setup
    • Green/Blue screen introduction
    • Planning your production
    • Green/Blue screen setup for studio
    • Green/Blue screen setup for on-site
  • Chroma Key Camera Setup
    • Choosing the right camera
    • Chroma Key fundamentals
    • Chroma Subsampling and resolution
    • Camera settings and recording options
    • Multi-Camera setup
  • Green/Blue Screen Lighting
    • Video lighting fundamentals
    • Setting up various types of video light sources
    • Lighting a Green/Blue screen
    • Lighting your shots (single or multi-Camera)
  • Microphone Setup
    • Camera audio settings and recording
    • Using different microphones together (Shotgun, Omni, Cardiod, etc.)
    • Microphone placement and control
    • Single Camera and Multi-Camera setup
  • Keying and Transparency in Premiere Pro
    • Chroma Key fundamentals
    • Procedural and Hi-Con Mattes
    • Working with Adobe Premiere Pro: Ultra Key
    • Creating Garbage Mattes
    • Applying Chroma and Luma keys
    • Colour correction and matching clips
    • Multi-Camera Editing

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