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Adobe Certified Video Instructor

Course Details

Time: 9AM - 4PM Eastern Time (ET)
Duration: 5 Days


Join Adobe Certified Instructor Kam Miranbigi for an intensive 5-Day After Effects workshop. This hands-on Master Class will give you the skills and knowledge to use efficiently Adobe After Effects to create captivating visual effects. Lessons will focus on critical production skills and knowledge such as project and assets management, compositing, advanced animation, and transparency, exploring advanced colour correction, Chroma key, painting, rotoscoping, and expressions.


Adobe After Effects or equivalent knowledge or experience is mandatory.

Adobe After Effects

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Course Outline

  • Compositing in After Effects
    • Production and studio settings
    • Project and Composition settings
    • View panels and previews
    • Effects, Plug-ins, and Presets
  • Optimizing Projects
    • Optimizing projects overview
    • Render Queue and output
    • Creating Rendering and output Templates
    • Controlling the Render Pipeline
    • Network rendering
  • The Timeline
    • Spatial and Temporal Keyframes
    • Timing and retiming
    • Time-reverse keyframes
    • Keyframe Velocity and exponential scale
    • Spatial offsets
    • Keyframes and the Graph Editor
  • Mastering Selections
    • Combining Layers
    • Camera Lens and optical edges
    • Advanced masking
    • Mask modes and combining selections
    • Animated Masks
  • Mastering Transparency
    • Importing and interpreting Alpha Channels
    • Blending Modes with or without Alpha
    • Advanced Track Mattes
  • Colour Correction
    • Video formats and Colour spaces
    • Broadcast safe colours
    • Chroma Subsampling
    • Luma, Chroma and Hue
    • Working with Synthetic Aperture: Color Finesse
    • Colour Matching
    • Developing colour looks
  • Colour Keying
    • Chroma Key fundamentals
    • Procedural and Hi-Con Mattes
    • Working with The Foundry: Keylight
  • Painting
    • Working with the Brush and Eraser tools
    • Creating, modifying, and deleting brushes
    • Working with the Clone Stamp tool
    • Painting on RGB and Alpha
    • Constant, Write-On, and Single Frame painting
    • Creating Clone Presets
  • Rotoscoping
    • Working with the Roto Brush
    • Tracking and modifying the Roto Brush
    • Using the Roto Alpha, Boundary, and Overlay
    • Using the Refine Edge tool
    • Working with articulated matte
    • Using Deformation effects
  • Expressions
    • Introduction to expressions
    • Linking properties
    • Creating a simple expression
    • Time Remapping and Looping expressions

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