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Time: 9AM - 4PM Eastern Time (ET)
Duration: 1 Day


This 12-module course introduces students to Microsoft InfoPath Filler 2013. It will teach them the various skills and techniques they need to use the software to its fullest. The course begins with the basics and then proceeds through how to complete a form, work with text, and format it. The course also includes information on using controls, inserting objects, and submitting and exporting forms.



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Course Outline

  • The Basics
    • This module introduces students to getting started with InfoPath Filler 2013 and how to sign into an Office account. Students will also learn how to open an InfoPath form and how to save it.
  • Completing a Form
    • Next up in the course is a look at completing forms. Here, students are taught to use basic controls, enable and disable AutoComplete, switch views, use Find and Replace, and check spelling.
  • Working with Text
    • In this module of the course, students will learn how to work with text. Topics include cutting, copying, and pasting text; inserting symbols; using undo and redo; and dragging and dropping text.
  • Formatting Text, Part One
    • This module is the next step of working with text. Students are shown how to change font face, size, and color; apply highlighting and font effects; use the Format Painter; and clear formatting.
  • Formatting Text, Part Two
    • Next, students will take a deeper look at formatting text. Topics include applying bullets and numbers, changing the alignment and spacing of text, adding a fill color, and applying font styles.
  • Using Advanced Controls, Part One
    • This is where students get a feel for working with advanced controls. They are shown how to upload pictures to a form, attach files, use the date picker control, and use calculated controls.
  • Using Advanced Controls, Part Two
    • This module continues the look at controls. Students are shown how to use repeating controls, optional controls, choice controls, and master/detail controls.
  • Inserting Objects
    • This module covers how to insert tables, local and online images, hyperlinks, and lines.
  • Submitting the Form
    • Ways to submit forms are covered in this module. Students are shown how to start a workflow and view workflow tasks. They are also taught how to submit, e-mail, print preview, and print a form.
  • Exporting the Form
    • This module is all about exporting forms to PDF or XPS, a web page, and Excel.
  • Customizing Your Office Account
    • In this module, students will learn how to change their Microsoft account photo, view their Microsoft profile, and change their Office background and theme. The module concludes with a look at customizing connected services.
  • Customizing the Interface
    • This module allows students to make the InfoPath Designer interface their own. Here they will learn how to collapse and pin the ribbon, customize the Quick Access toolbar, hide and show ribbon tabs, create custom ribbon tabs, and reset the interface.

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