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How Content Marketing is Changing the Game

Is content still king? It most certainly is! And it is not only owned media, such as website content or blogs, social media is just as important. Content also extends far beyond the marketing function in an organization. All external communication is important and needs to be consistent, weather from marketing, sales, customer services, product development, or the executive team.

What are the benefits of good content marketing? Here’s how content marketing is changing the game:

Retain your audience and build your brand personality

Sharing relevant content is an important asset for your organization to create positive experiences and to build your online brand personality. If done right, your fans, followers, customers, and potential new clients will continually come back for more.

Increase your social media following

You cannot gain traction on social media and increase your following and engagement levels if you are sharing boring or repetitive content. Step up your game and share authentic and relevant things on social media, and you’ll see the difference in no time!

Build trust

How can you build trust? Try and provide value, and your audience will return for more and listen to your recommendations and advice. You will build trust as well as establish your online brand personality. If you decide to simply push out promotional messaging, you’ll lose your followers in no time.

Generate leads

Can content generate leads for the sales team? If you share content that is free, useful and your audience considers you a trustworthy source, then yes - you can most certainly utilize content marketing to drive leads. Focus on building trust and sharing valuable information, and the leads will follow.

Content marketing is changing the game, but how can you get started?

At Eliquo, we offer a wide variety of digital marketing and social media training courses to help you navigate your content marketing strategy and help your prioritize on what to focus first, including:

Get started today! Check out our training schedule and get your next training booked to learn how you can change the game with effective content marketing.