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Eliquo's team of accessibility experts draws its knowledge from over 30 years (cumulative) of delivering professional services in accessibility testing, production and training. Eliquo's accessibility services answer to guidelines and standards as set by the W3C (WCAG), Canadian federal, provincial and municipal governments as well as by the United States federal government (Section 508).

Accessibility Training

Creating, converting, testing and repairing - Eliquo can train your accessibility team to work together to quickly achieve compliance by implementing best practices and efficient workflows.

We have a number of professional training programs focussing on:

  • WCAG guidelines
  • Accessible web pages and applications
  • Federal, provincial and municipal accessibility guidelines
  • Accessible PDF and PDF forms
  • Accessible documents
  • Accessible video
  • Accessibility testing

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Accessibility Testing Services

Proper accessibility testing is the key element to an efficient accessibility workflow. Our trained experts provide you with a comprehensive report to guide your design and development team in repairing issues that would fail WCAG compliance. Our testing services include:

  • LiveCycle Designer PDF forms (XFA Forms)
  • Acrobat Pro PDF forms (AcroForms)
  • Website and web applications
  • WCAG 2.1 AA assessments and reports
  • Functional testing
  • Repair assistance

Accessibility Production Services

Eliquo produces accessible digital media and we can convert digital media into accessible digital media. Our accessibility production services include:

  • Word to PDF conversion
  • PDF forms to WCAG-compliant PDF forms
  • PDF to HTML
  • Accessible eLearning
  • Accessible HTML

Web-based training is super easy to set up and doesn’t require fancy software.

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