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What is Web-based Training?

Web-based training is an effective course delivery model which allows participants to attend live, engaging courses that are being broadcast from one of Eliquo's training centres without being in class. Participants attend courses from the location of their choice such as a boardroom, their desk at work, from home or anywhere they have a reliable internet connection. Participants can see the instructor as well as the instructor's computer screen and white board to follow along with a live course occurring in one of our classrooms in real time.

Eliquo's web-based courses are not webinars, they are live, online courses where participants have two way interaction at all times. Participants who take a web-based course experience exactly what our in-class clients experience - a course delivered by a Certified Instructor in a professional training environment.

It doesn't end there; every Eliquo participant has access to support after the course including all samples and presentation files used during the training so they can repeat the course at their own pace later on.

How it works

  • Register for an Eliquo web-based course.
  • Upon registration and confirmation of attending a class, participants will receive a handbook on how to set up their computer and display environment.
    • How to download their course lesson files to be used for the duration of the class
    • How to login to the course broadcast
    • How to use some of the basic functions of our web-conferencing system, GoToMeeting
  • Once logged in, participants will be able to follow the class as if they were sitting in a classroom in one of Eliquo's training centres

Benefits of Web-based Training

  • Travel costs for training will be eliminated since participants access courses from any Internet-enabled workstation or laptop
  • Increased scheduling flexibility: Participants can choose from a wide variety of course dates and course locations
  • Participants receive the same high level of instruction as participants who attend classes within Eliquo's offices

Web-based Training Documents

Eliquo Web-Based Training Set-Up

See if your workstation or device is compatible

Test Your Connection before Your Session

GoToMeeting Attendee QuickStart Video


Please note that Audio via telephone will not be enabled for participation in our courses.

Web-based training is super easy to set up and doesn’t require fancy software.

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