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Eliquo Web-based Training Setup

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Step 1

Check to ensure your equipment meets the specified requirements to run GoToMeeting.

System Requirements:

Go-To-Meeting System Requirements

Monitor Configuration

Note: It is highly recommended to use two (2) monitors so that you can see and use your application on one screen and the GoToMeeting presentation on the other. You may use two devices if your system does not support dual monitors. For example, watch the presentation on one device (computer or laptop) and do the class exercises on another i.e. computer or laptop. You cannot do class exercises on a tablet.

You must have a minimum resolution of 1280x768 on your monitor.

Software Requirements

You are required to follow the class using the most current version of the software. If you do not have the most recent version of the software installed, you can download a trial version from the manufacture's web site.

Internet browser (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, or Safari) – updated version

GoToMeeting Plugin/Application: Test Your Connection before Your Session. The test must be completed at least three (3) days before your class. The test can be accessed at

Internet Connection

  • Computer: 1 Mbps or better (broadband recommended)
  • Mobile device & Chromebook: 3G or better (WiFi recommended for VoIP audio)

Step 2: Entering the Meeting Room

You must launch the GoToMeeting session 30 minutes prior to the start time of your class. Check your course invitation email to find the link to the online session and the official start time of your class.

All times are EST/EDT

Note: Please start this process 30 minutes before the official class start time.

  1. Find the GoToMeeting classroom link (or enter the 9-digit meeting number) that was provided by Eliquo (found in your course invitation email)
  2. Follow the link or enter the URL into your web browser.
  3. The meeting login screen will appear if the Organizer has not yet launched the meeting. The 1st radio button will automatically be selected to use the Audio as an Internet Call. Please do not select Telephone Call as this feature will not be enabled or supported during our classes.
  4. If the meeting is launched, a field will pop up: For attendance purposes please enter your FIRST and LAST name and email address (optional) in the meeting organizer's attendee list. Using screen names or nick-names is not permitted.
  5. The meeting will launch in your browser.
  6. Once the meeting organizer (instructor) accepts you into the meeting, the meeting room interface appears.

Step 3: Set Up Your Audio - Requirements

You will listen to the instructor through your computer audio. Make sure that you have computer speakers or a headset to ensure that you can hear properly. When you ask questions or engage in discussion throughout the class, the instructor will need to enable your audio. If you wish to communicate with the instructor, you are required to have an internal or external microphone. GoToMeeting's Chat function will not be supported during the class.

Your instructor will control your microphone. Please do not "unmute" yourself during class. Your instructor will demonstrate how to "Raise your hand" when you have a question and your instructor will enable/mute your microphone for you.


Use your microphone and speakers (VoIP) for audio. You'll sound best with a headset.

Note: Eliquo staff are unable to assist with any software, hardware, network installation or troubleshooting at any time before or during your web-based course. Therefore, we strongly recommend that all technical set-up and testing for your computer hardware, software and network access be performed a minimum of 5-days in advance of your class date.