Get The Training You Need, Not The Training You Can Afford

FlexPass gives you unlimited professional training for an entire year for 1 low price.

Pre-Purchase Training and Save

Eliquo’s FlexPass is designed to greatly reduce training budgets, simplify and reduce administration tasks by about 90% and make it possible to get all the training a content creator needs, not just what your budget allows.

Pricing: Flat Rate for 12 Months – 2 Options

Individual FlexPass:

$2,500 per year

Group FlexPass:

$666 per person

Group FlexPass Savings Example
Employee # of 1 day courses
@ $545 in 12 months
# of 2 day courses
@ $775 in 12 months
Value of Training Savings
1 Employee 3 2 $3,185 $2,685
2 Employee 4 2 $3,730 $3,230
3 Employee 2 3 $3,415 $2,915
4 Employee 2 3 $3,415 $2,915
5 Employee 3 2 $3,185 $2,685
Totals $16,930 $14,430

The Most Effective Learning Format is Now Affordable

FlexPass includes access to live, web-based, and instructor-led courses. Learners experience a fully-engaged class, provided lesson materials, 2-way audio/video with the instructor, and discussions with other participants.

Training Delivery Features

Live Courses


  • Access to over 160 live instructor-led courses scheduled repeatedly throughout the year
  • Includes FlexPass clients only courses throughout the year
  • Includes monthly FlexPass clients only open office hours for live support
  • Participants are provided with all course reference materials
  • Web-based delivery provides excellent instruction with significant financial benefits
  • Learners can attend courses from the location of their choice (home, office, on the road, etc.)


  • Employees can attend the courses they need as opposed to only the courses they can afford
  • Participants have voice and video interaction at all times with the instructor and other participants
  • Training spending is significantly reduced. Eliquo clients see cost reductions of at least 50% but often higher than 75%
  • Administrative tasks and time commitments are reduced by as much as 90%
  • Professional instruction by industry experts helps learners absorb more information

Let the Savings Begin

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