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Why Eliquo?

First and foremost: quality of learning

Experienced instruction

Eliquo's Adobe and Apple certified instructors have leveraged real-world experience into delivering our training courses. Outlines and samples are designed to promote maximum retention.

Quality of our Courses

Our courses are regularly developed and revised to meet evolving industry demands. We are continually auditing our material to ensure that we are always teaching what today’s creative professionals need to know.

Tenure in the Industry

Since 2002, Eliquo has only provided among the highest rated Adobe courses in North America (as rated by Adobe). We apply the same approach and care in teaching everything else we offer.

Post-Training Support

Eliquo is the only continuing education facility to offer free re-takes, student labs and unlimited email support.

Incredibly Cost Effective

Eliquo Training Passports completely changes the nature of corporate training. Now companies can save thousands off their training budgets and get far more training than they ever felt possible.