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Web Accessibility Training Courses

Why is web accessibility important? Designing an accessible website is not only beneficial for users with disabilities. An accessible website provides a more equal user experience, reaches a broader audience, and puts your company ahead of competitors whose sites are hard to navigate for customers with disabilities.

An accessible, intuitive design will make the user experience better for all website visitors as it is easier to navigate and content is easier to consume.

How can your organization get started?

Web accessibility training courses are a good first step. At Eliquo, our team of accessibility experts draw their knowledge from over 30 years (cumulative) experience of delivering professional services in accessibility testing, production and training. Our accessibility services answer to guidelines and accessibility standards as set by the W3C (WCAG), Canadian federal, provincial and municipal governments as well as by the United States federal government (Section 508).

Web Accessibility Training Online

All our training programs are delivered online, live, and instructor-led to enable engaging conversations and maximize learning. Our instructors can train your accessibility team to work together to quickly achieve digital accessibility compliance by implementing best practices and efficient workflows. Web accessibility training courses are focused on:

We also offer accessibility testing and production services

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