How to Measure Content Marketing ROI?

What exactly is content marketing ROI? Content marketing return on investment is a percentage that shows how much revenue a business gained from content marketing compared to the spent. Content marketing ROI is one of the most important measures of successful content marketing as it is directly tied to revenue.

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Content marketing is critical for growth, but can we really measure the return on investment from our content marketing initiatives? Will your next blog post bring in new leads? What impact do your social media channels have?

Content marketing is important to engage new potential clients. The right content emphasizes your expertise and also speaks to your current and former customers. Content draws your target audiences through the sales funnel at every stage and helps you sell your products and services.

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Ensure you set up analytics and track your activities, resources and expenditures and measure what leads your efforts generate. How many of these leads turn into paying customers? The content marketing ROI is the difference between your spent and your earnings.

In some cases, it might not be possible to create this direct link between content marketing and actual earnings. However, your content marketing efforts remain just as important!

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